About us
It's no secret that the first impression is often the most important. And if there is no order in your home or office, it is impossible to expect that the guests here will stay for a long time. Ltd "Property Management" is a prosperous company founded in 2007. We are engaged into real estate management, cleaning and landscaping services. Ltd “Property Management” is a team of professionals. Over the years we have gained a considerable experience in the sphere of the integrated property management. At present our customers are major property owners and renters of real estate: the top foreign commercial and financial companies, industrial and logistics ventures as well as embassies and diplomatic representative offices, which trust our reputation and use only our service.
We offer the best service package, based on request and requirements of our customers, including VIP class service. The staff of our company consists of serious and responsible people, who not only know their job, but do it with pleasure. They get all the social guarantees and receive a competitive salary. Ltd “Property Management” is the company, where people prefer to work. It must be mentioned that we are working with the detergents and cleaning products that are not harmful to health and don’t violate the ecology environment. Advantages of working with us are obvious, because we: - provide qualitative and efficient service; - save time, which usually is spent for searching of some contractors; - implement of day-and-night monitoring and maintain the property, also settle of problematic situations, if any; - retain the positive image of the property owner. Property Management can always find the right solution of assigned goals.