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After the entry into force of the amendments to the Immigration Law and to the new regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers in respect of the Residence Permit, allowing to get the Temporary Residence Permit in Latvia on the basis of the real estate purchase, more and more people, who are not inhabitants began to come to Latvia. They visit Latvia with a view to work or just for pleasure. That’s why there is a need for VIP services, such as: a governess, a cook, a housekeeper, the Majordomo, etc. In this regard our company began to offer VIP services on the market. These services are needed not only for the wealthy people, but also for ordinary citizens, who purchased the property in Latvia just to spend their vacation or for a work. It is so nice for each one to arrive into a clean and comfortable house or apartment.

Fire Safety Certificate of the Republic of Latvia

Certificate of Work Safety of the Republic of Latvia
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