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Majordomo – Butler

As you know, the apartment and a private house especially need a permanent care. The Majordomo is a personal manager, butler or a private house superintendent, who coordinates the work of the staff. The service of the Majordomo is quite necessary if you worry of safeness of your house and want avoid robbing during your long absence, also if you need the houseplants and garden to be properly cared and all the interior areas not to look neglected and poorly maintained.

The main purpose of the Majordomo is to hold the house convenient for the people, who live in their purchased property permanently. There is the List of the Majordomo services, which our customers are mainly interested in:

- Security of Property: If alarm is triggered, the security company calls us , and we go to the object to control. Besides, according to the schedule, we go out and check the condition of the property.

- Utility System: It includes the control of heating and electrical systems as well as mowing , disposal and sweeping out of leaves in autumn, removal of snow and icicles from the roof in winter time.

- Plants and Gardens: A professional gardener takes care of your plants, if needed.

- Payment for Utility Bills: The owner puts a certain amount of money in a Latvian bank account, and an authorized person pay all utility expenses by this funds.

- Mail Handling: The mail is taken out from the mailbox and report is sent to the addressee. On request the mail may be opened and sent electronically to the specified address.

- The Contact Person: It is the person, whom the owner of property may apply at any time of the day or night.

- Preparing of the House For the Owner Arrival: This service includes a general cleaning of the accommodation, the snow removal and increasing of home heating in winter. On request, the client can order the cooking of meal for the moment of the arrival.

- Express Cleaning: Faster and better cleaning of the accommodation for one hour by our staff.

- Rental Assistance: Rental organizing of the acquired real estate and its legal registration.

It should be stipulated, that a lot of Personnel Companies offer a person, who one performs all homework, acted also as the Majordomo. Thus, one and the same employee will care of your plants, clean the rooms and supervise electricity and heat system. Our company finds this approach as unprofessional, and we employ the whole staff of professionals and certified specialists. Each of our employees is involved in a particular part of work, where he is the best. In this regard our company is able to provide the most high-quality service of the Majordomo, who should significantly ease your life and relieve of any troubles.

Fire Safety Certificate of the Republic of Latvia

Certificate of Work Safety of the Republic of Latvia
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